August 22, 2016

Firewall and Antivirus software: Here is why you need them

Firewall and Antivirus software: Here is why you need them …

From browsing to buying online, checking mails, and conducting online transactions, internet usage is growing at a rapid pace. With skyrocketing growth in internet usage increases the scale and impact of online attacks. A quick Google search on “online security” will help find a whole host of antivirus software programs with robust and scalable technology solutions to protect PCs from multitudes of nasty virus infections and hacking attempts. Antivirus software tools are the foremost choice of protection against online threats.

Build a wall… A Firewall!

That said, despite having a strong and impenetrable wall of virus protection, certain vulnerabilities do lurk around and keep posing serious threats intermittently. Hence, in addition to an effective antivirus software tool, a strong firewall protection too is commonly recommended to enhance PC security. With a plethora of cutting-edge heuristic technologies, firewall and antivirus tools help successfully detect and mitigate several online threats. The primary function of an antivirus software tool is to ensure trusted protection from unwanted programs and sneaky intrusions. Whereas, firewall monitoring analyses network traffic and keeps attackers and external threats at bay.

Sneaky Viruses

Viruses mostly travel through mails and hasty file downloads. In no time, they can find major flaws in penetrable security shields. Viruses and Trojans make use of these faults to sneak into PCs. They might also take advantage of internet security vulnerabilities and weaknesses to infest PCs and laptops. Contrary to the popular perception, virus attacks are not aimed at novices alone. Even the most tech-savvy users deal with a barrage of them each day, mostly while downloading suspicious and questionable files. Viruses might also pretend to be legitimate antivirus software programs, or hide themselves in spoof emails that that seem to be sent by trustworthy senders. In short, with no strong antivirus protection, saving oneself from trickier online virus attacks is increasingly difficult these days.

Indispensable Antivirus and Firewall

Regardless of the reason for being online, a reliable and powerful antivirus and firewall protection is indispensable for the following reasons:

  1. No computing environment is fully secure
  2. Good browsing practices alone cannot ensure complete protection
  3. Antivirus software alone is just a single layer of protection
  4. Virus embedded programs are mostly installed unknowingly
  5. Hackers make their living by exploiting vulnerabilities of un-patched systems
  6. Both Windows and products such as Adobe Flash and Reader need patching to avoid major vulnerabilities.
  7. Attacks via zero-exploits are no more uncommon

Get a Reputable Antivirus software now!

Both free and paid programs and software tools are currently available to safeguard PCs from pesky online viruses. However, paid programs with dependable reviews are safer than the free choices available. Reliable free software programs might detect common viruses but mostly lack real time protection, and often include a flurry of annoying pop-ups and ads. Our recommendation however, is to go with a reputable company such as Symantec with the End-Point Protection product, you will be sure to be up to date with antivirus protection.